WFM Tools

Our Work Force Management applications are custom designed to serve our clients by maximizing the productivity of their workforce while meeting or exceeding service level goals. The applications are modular and designed around best practices. These modules include:
  • Labor and Service Standards Management
  • Work Load Modeling (for budgeting and measurement)
  • Forecasting of Labor (payroll)
  • Scheduling (Distribution, fulfillment, and retail stores)
  • Measurement of performance
  • Optimal Assignment (Production Control for Distribution and Fulfillment)

Now with Pro-Software, Claris can help you design your processes, set labor standards, build a custom work load model, and then deploy the Pro-Software modules to address your specific needs. Claris has implemented this methodology achieving between 10 and 25% labor savings. Many top companies are using Claris modular application and best practices.