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#5. Claris, OnTask Platform: This platform serves as a workforce optimization tool. As physical store locations become extensions of distribution centers, store associate’s time has become increasingly divided between omnichannel order fulfillment and in-store customer engagement. Claris’ platform analyzes labor cost of associates participating in non-selling responsibilities and suggests staffing needs to improve revenue and consumer experiences. OnTask examines shopper traffic and highlights peak traffic times to ensure that associates are available to provide robust help and strategically dedicates time to non-selling requirements. claris-web.com



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Claris Solutions at the NRF Big Show in Booth 4525

We hope you’ll join us at this year’s National Retail Federation Big Show on Sunday, January 15, Monday, January 16 and Tuesday, January 17, 2017; we’ll be in Booth #4525 on the Main Exhibit Floor.

This year, in addition to our Core Competencies, we are excited to present our OnTask Workforce Optimization Software which includes:

  • Labor Standards Development and Analysis
  • Task Management Analysis and Feedback
  • Demand Curve Development
  • Labor Budgeting
  • Payroll Savings Calculator

Additionally, we are unveiling our Traffic Analyzer Tool which provides Retailers the ability to optimize their schedule to the traffic opportunity especially during peak periods.

We invite you to register as our guest using the link below, following the prompts.  The Invitation Code is 1885 and we are in Booth #4525.


We look forward to being with you and please let me know if I may answer any questions.

Thank you.


Dan Natale
Partner, VP of Sales
Claris Solutions

Dan Natale Joins the Claris Team

Dan Natale has now officially joined the Claris Team as a Business Development and Consulting Partner.  Dan brings a wealth of experience Solving Problems and Improving PerformNATALE_PRance in Retail Operations which is the mission of Claris Solutions.   Dan is an expert at understanding Shopper Analytics and How to Improve Retail Operations.  Wade Mosteller, Senior Partner said “Dan has the same type of practical can do attitude that we bring to every engagement and he is a perfect fit for our team.  We are very excited to welcome him to our Claris family.”  Lets go to work.

Details for Dept of Labor’s New Overtime Rules Announced

New overtime rules are expected to affect 64% or retail workers. Employees with salaries less than $47,476 will be affected and some employees with salaries greater than the new threshold depending on job type.

There are many options available to companies to stay in compliance. Claris Solutions can help analyze the effect of the new law and make a recommendation based on your needs.


Claris HCM Sustainability Program

The new  DOL Wage and Hour recommendations for raising the salary level for exempt employees is looming.  Claris has put together a program to help you to create a strategy for compliance, and then a maintenance program at a reduced rate (1 year commitment).  Just click below for more details.


Wal Mart – unintended consequences of pay raise

From Bloomberg…

“When Wal-Mart Stores Inc. chief Doug McMillon announced plans to boost store workers’ minimum wage earlier this year, he said the move was intended to improve morale and retain employees.

Yet for some of the hundreds of thousands of workers getting no raise, the policy is having the opposite effect.”



New Overtime Rules for Salaried Employees

from WSJ 7/21/15

The Labor Department’s proposal updating the rules on which workers are eligible for overtime has employers scrambling to figure out how to track the hours of millions of employees who will now be swept under the umbrella of the Fair Labor Standards Act—and it has workers anxiously asking how the change will affect them. Right now, the Labor Department is seeking comments from the public, and will likely finalize the rules in a few months, putting them in place as soon as early 2016.