Project Descriptions

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 Business Process Improvement

Retail Process Engineering
Claris has worked with retailers over the years to help reduce cost through designing processes to achieve the best performance at the most efficient cost. We have worked to help turn around organizations to bring cost in line with current and future operations. Our approach to this process has been very effective and can be completed expeditiously due to our firm experience with almost every retail process in specialty, discount, department store, and fulfillment.

Back Room Efficiencies
Claris has completed projects to re-design back room operations for greater efficiency. At a specialty store Claris was able to accurately model the relationship between stock levels, delivery frequency, back room size, and sales floor capacity. This allowed our client to make better decisions in allocation and completely re-engineered their merchandise flow process to increase full price selling days. At a department store, we determined the right layouts to maximize efficiency and space in the back room.

Store Merchandise Flow
Claris has designed and implemented a new Merchandise Flow Processes for an Outlet based Specialty Store chain. This project saved over $1 Million in payroll annually across 150 stores. In addition Claris improved ISOS (in store out of stock) by 15%, increased comp sales, improved product visibility, and finally improved delivery predictability.

Allocation & Distribution
Claris conducted a Business Process Improvement (BPI) project for an Allocation-Distribution organization where was able to convert all basics to 100% auto-replenishment, created in-stock measures, and developed dynamic allocation models that served to reduce overall inventory while comp sales increased.

IT Project Management
Claris has recently completed a large IT project to implement a new POS application that included over 600 US based specialty stores. This project included all aspects of the integration to installation and training in the stores.

POS Systems
Claris is also involved as project management and integration support for upgrading POS systems and hardware for a specialty store with over 900 locations. This project includes updating to the latest Visa CISP standards, IP Sec, device monitoring, and a primary .NET application. This projects included integration with almost every corporate system from I series merchandising systems, to inventory and sales audit apps, server arrays, and third party processing (debit, credit, check).

Payroll Budgeting
Claris has completed work to custom develop applications for a large department store to budget payroll using work load models and forecasting which is integrated with merchandising forecasts.

Product Development and Sourcing
Claris has been engaged by a very large retailer to re-design their product development process (fashion and home) and to assess technology to improve the performance of their teams.

DC Production Control
Claris has implemented new methods and software for managing distribution with several retail and wholesale companies over the years with excellent results. This includes operations in 6 countries. Typically, companies have experienced an improvement in productivity of up to 20%. At the same time cost were lowered, they have increased throughput, and improved fill rate.

Supply Chain Strategy
Claris has successfully completed projects in supply chain strategy and implementation, developed custom applications for managing labor in stores and distribution, provided project management for large packaged software integration, developed operational infrastructure for acquisitions, and have served in the background as critical problem solvers for many executive teams.