About Us

We are very much like you.

…Passionate about retail and
…Focused on making it better

About Our Firm
We are a retail focused consulting firm. For almost 15 years, we have been chosen as a partner and advisor to many of retail’s visionary leaders.

About Our People
They are the key to our success and … to your project’s success. Meet our team >

Our Results

Results are at the core of the Claris formula for success. You win and we win by leveraging improved processes and technology for better return on investment. We are dedicated to achieving lasting improvement with our work and are firmly committed to our client sponsors and their personal success. We understand that if you succeed, we succeed.

Typical Engagements

From strategy to implementation, Claris offers a broad range of consulting solutions for executives in Design, Merchandising, Distribution, Operations, Information Technology and Finance.

What We Do

  • Business Process Improvement in Stores, Distribution Centers, and Merchant Organizations
    • Design of work and business processes
    • Organizational design
    • Leading organizational change
    • Measurement of people and processes
    • Executive Coaching
  • Information Technology Services
    • System selection
    • Project management for IT or the business
    • Aligning business requirements with IT
    • Integration services for package solutions
    • Integration services for custom developmentSupply Chain Design
    • Supply Chain Strategy
    • Supply chain best practices
    • Systems integration
    • Business partner collaboration
  • Distribution Optimization
    • Design of process and facility
    • Distribution Center Productivity Improvement
    • Work Measurement and Methods Improvement
    • Incentive programs
  • Engineering in Retail (Retail Work Sciences)
    • Scheduling models
    • Resource allocation
    • Constraint optimization
    • Line balancing
    • Dynamic modeling
    • Simulation / Queueing Theory
  • We also have proprietary software tools for:
    • Analyzing retail processes
    • Scheduling stores
    • Payroll management and control in large retail chains
    • Budgeting store labor
    • Short interval scheduling for distribution centers
    • Workforce performance improvement in stores and distribution
    • WMS wave analysis and resource planning (Red Prarie and PkMS)
    • Retail Distibution Production Control (PkMS)